Weekly Appearances by:

             Pat Portman
          & The 44 Country Band

Scheduled Special Guests

          July 30, 2022

     August 6, 2022

 Natalie Berry Marshall
Jeremy Nalley (Piano)              Bobby Miller
                      Christy Miller

       Linda Sparrow (Piano) 
    Jonathon Rader (Elvis Imp.)                Natalie Berry Marshall                         Louann McPherson
          Clinton Spaulding 
               Glen Rice         


      Half Country & Half Oldies

      August 13, 2022

   Linda Sparrow (Piano)           Mark Holler (Bass)                Kaitlyn Marie
         Seth Tomes                      Brad McCrady

         Christy Miller

       August 20, 2022

    Doug Richardson (Piano)         Natalie Berry Marshall                Harold Hutchins
         Clinton Spaulding                   
 Christy Miller

       August 19, 2022

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       August 27, 2022

 Patrick Henry Hughes  (Piano)      Natalie Berry Marshall                  Louann McPherson                     Andrea Robinson                       Johnny Polinsky

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Note:  Special guest appearances may be subject to change for reasons beyond our control.  You are welcome to speak with our reservation manager on the day of the show to verify a scheduled particular artist will be performing.

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